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Understanding the Benefits of Trauma Counselling

Trauma counselling plays a crucial role in helping individuals heal from distressing experiences that have significantly impacted their mental and emotional well-being. Trauma can arise from various sources such as accidents, abuse, early childhood trauma, neglect, natural disasters, or witnessing a traumatic event. Regardless of its origin, the lingering effects of trauma can severely disrupt […]

How do you recognise chronic patterns in relationships?

The intricacies of human relationships are often coloured by repetitive dynamics that can shape our interactions in profound, yet sometimes, invisible ways. At Anne Evans Counselling in Byron Shire, there is a keen focus on identifying and understanding these chronic patterns, as they hold the key to unlocking healthier and more fulfilling connections. But how […]

Questions to ask your therapist in your first session

Embarking on the journey of therapy can be like venturing into an uncharted realm. It’s a place where the landscapes of your own psyche are waiting to be explored with the guidance of a therapist. Your first session at Anne Evans Counselling in Byron Shire is the initial step on this path to self-discovery and […]

How meditation can help with anxiety

In the heart of Byron Shire, where the verdant hinterland whispers ancient tales and the sea hums a calming lullaby, lies a pathway to tranquillity that cuts through the noise of anxiety: meditation. At Anne Evans Counselling, the therapeutic power of meditation is harnessed as a vital tool in the battle against the modern epidemic […]

What is emotional self-regulation?

In the tranquil surrounds of Byron Shire, where the lush hinterland meets the crystalline seas, there’s a journey deeper than the physical landscape that beckons — the exploration of the self and the mastery of one’s emotional landscape. Anne Evans Counselling offers a guiding light on this path, particularly through the practice of emotional self-regulation. […]

How to support a partner with depression or PTSD

Supporting a partner through the shadows of depression or the echoes of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) requires courage, patience, and an open heart. In the serene setting of Byron Shire, Anne Evans Counselling provides guidance for those navigating the complexities of a partner’s psychological landscape marred by these conditions. Understanding how to offer support effectively […]

Why boundaries are important & how to set them

In the picturesque surrounds of Byron Shire, individuals are embracing the journey towards personal growth and well-being. At the heart of this journey, facilitated by Anne Evans Counselling, lies the crucial practice of establishing boundaries. Boundaries are the invisible lines we draw to protect our emotional and psychological wellbeing. They are vital in all our […]