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Northern Rivers, NSW and Byron Shire

Counselling is an empowering process that facilitates healing and growth.

The benefits of counselling include a feeling of overall wellness and balance that includes greater self-confidence, feeling empowered and more connection to self and others.

Welcome to Anne Evans counselling. Now more than ever mental health struggles tend to be at the forefront of our daily lives. Most of us know someone who is struggling, and all too often we know when we are struggling too.

The awareness that you may be stuck, unhappy, anxious, or angry can be confronting, and working through life’s challenges can be a confusing and often discouraging experience. Therefore, finding a counsellor who deeply understands your experience, can hold a safe space for you to explore your inner world, and gently guide you towards change is imperative.

Anne Evans has been practicing as a counsellor, psychotherapist, and trauma specialist in Melbourne since 2014, and is now available in the Northern Rivers & Byron Shire for consults.

Anne’s work encompasses a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship challenges, low self-esteem, health concerns, chronic pain, fear, negative emotions, obsessive compulsive behaviours, excessive anger, suicidal thinking, and chronic stress to name a few.

Anne consults in-person and online; whatever is the most accessible and preferred by her clients. In your work Anne the goal she will assist you to resolve the past and create a sturdy foundation for moving forward that brings together wellness, wholeness, and security.

Anger Management Counselling Northern Rivers NSW - Anne Evans

Anger Management

You don’t need to live your life I anger. I have proven techniques that can rid anger for good. Get in touch to learn more.

Anxiety Counselling Counselling Northern Rivers NSW - Anne Evans

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety can be debilitating and lead to issues with family, work and social life. Don’t let life slip by living with Anxiety issues.

Stress Management Counselling Northern Rivers NSW - Man Stressed At Desk

Stress Manangement

A large portion of doctors visits each year are caused by stress. Stress can be something that can affect you in ways you don’t even realise.

Confidence Self Esteem Counselling Northern Rivers NSW - Byron Bay Region

Confidence & Self Esteem

Get your confidence back & increase your self esteem so you can life your life to the fullest.

Relationship Coaching Counselling Northern Rivers NSW - Couples Counselling

Relationship Coaching

If you are experiencing issues within your relationship, now is the time to start working on it with an experienced counsellor.

Wellness Coaching Counselling Northern Rivers NSW - Anne Evans

Wellness Coaching

You should always look at working on your mental health and physical health as an investment. Think about YOU!

Individual Counselling Byron Bay Shire, Anne Evans Counselling

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a truly personalised experienced focusing directly on your personal needs.

Depression Counselling Northern Rivers NSW Header IMG - Anne Evans

Depression Counselling

Depression is an extremely debilitating condition. Let Anne help you with her skills to overcome depression.

Trauma Counselling Byron Bay Shire - Northern Rivers

Trauma Counselling

Anne is well known for her high success rates with helping people overcome trauma across Australia.

Client Testimonials

Jesse Gristwood
Jesse Gristwood
Anne was so great. She is extremely comfortable and very knowledgeable. Anne was able to help me overcome some old habits and was able to help me come to terms with my past. I would recommend her to anyone.
Sara Baharlou
Sara Baharlou
I went to Anne with multiple Traumas . I was not Hopfull that it can help however my partner booked me in to see Anne .. Anne was very professional and wise. She tried alot to stop me from self sabotaging .. I am still dealing with anxiety day in day out however I feel more aware of my problems and also less aggressive and sensitive to some triggers.. not all my problems are solved as it was just four sessions with Anne! we could just work with couple of the issues... however it did help and I see a change .. I recommend TRTP specially for those battling with PTSD !
Leonardo Montealegre
Leonardo Montealegre
I'm so grateful that Anne assisted me when I need it the most; she has changed my life for good, I still see changes in my daily life. I highly recommended her as she is an excellent professional.
hanna yachou
hanna yachou
I've been seeing Anne Serrey for anger management and for TRTP as part of my court ordered diversion since April. I can comfortably say that slapping the guy that brought me to these counselling sessions was the best thing I've ever done. Absolutely life changing. I feel much lighter, I feel free, and unstuck for the first time since exiting my mother's uterus thirty odd years ago. Thanks so much Anne for all your help and your continued support. Highly recommend Anne's services.
Anne is amazing, TRTP has changed my entire outlook on life, how I interact with people, and what I’m doing. In the few months since TRTP my life has honestly changed so much for the better, it’s beyond what I could have ever imagined. My friends and family are also noticing it! And amazingly, every day gets better. Thank you so much Anne!
Rick Saunders
Rick Saunders
I would not hesitate to refer anyone seeking an effective solution to an ongoing mental health concern.
Poki Samuels
Poki Samuels
Well all I can say is that Anne has helped me get through some of the anger And trauma Been built up inside of me for years and I have not known how to deal with it. She took me step by step on to see how I could overcome these issues that were holding me back on achieving some of my greatest goals in life. Thank you so much Anne 🙏🏾
Nathan Watson
Nathan Watson
TRTP has completely changed the way I think about myself and the world around me. The changes have been extraordinary in such a short space of time. I suddenly find myself walking forward with a new set of positive core beliefs which others are noticing on a daily basis Anne supported me through the process with expertise, compassion and patience. TRTP really does offer you a new launch pad from which to embark on a new journey. I’m so grateful for having this opportunity to do this work with Anne
Daniela J
Daniela J
I had been struggling with life and reliving my trauma for over 20 years, I tried everything and nothing worked. Finally I was referred to Anne, who took me through The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) as that is the process that helped shift the past and get you to a better place.  Words cannot express how she turned my life completely around. For once, I am actually excited about life, I am actually thinking about my future. I feel like my life has been reset, I have a second chance and I am developing my life the way I want it to be, rather than the influences I was brought up with. Anne, I am indebted to you, thank you so much.
Anna Anasa
Anna Anasa
Completing The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) with Anne has helped me profoundly. I feel free and less anxious around matters that used to overwhelm me, and my day-to-day experience is calmer and much less reactive. I can't thank Anne enough for this life-enhancing process!

Anne Evans, Northern Rivers and Byron Shire

Since Covid forced us to rethink the way we worked, related, and connect, the area of Counselling opened itself up to online sessions, which has proven to be a highly effective way of working with clients.

Since the early days of the pandemic, Anne’s counselling practice has grown as she has expanded her work to include clients from around the world. This growth came from word of mouth, referrals and clients looking for specific trauma recovery work.

So, if you are looking for effective and proven treatments from anxiety, depression and trauma then reaching out for an appointment with Anne is a step in the right direction. Everyone deserves to live well, and it is truly possible to move on from living with stress, and the debilitating effects of trauma.

Anne’s work is about real, enduring change. She doesn’t band-aid issues but seeks to resolve them at a deep level across all areas of the mind/body system.

Counselling Byron Bay Region - Mental Health, Therapy

Happiness is an inside job!

Phone: 1300 018 255

Simply get in touch with Anne and let her answer your questions and explain how simple proven methods can help YOU.

Northern Rivers Counselling Services NSW - Anne Evans, Counselling

Happiness is an inside job!

Phone: 1300 018 255

Simply get in touch with Anne and let her answer your questions and explain how simple proven methods can help YOU.

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