Marcus Balscheit

Ultralife Australia

Marcus has had a thirty year fascination and passion for therapeutic plant extracts , vitamins and other non drug compounds.
As an avid competitor in road cycling for half of his life, optimal nutrition for performance and sustainable energy, including brain health, through into middle aged years has played an important part of everyday life.

Many hours spent researching papers and studies online, trialling therapeutics on himself, family and friends with health issues, have resulted in a list of what Marcus believes to be the most important and beneficial supplements for health and improved longevity. Marcus is moving through life like a man of many younger years..( he is 61)

Over the last 3 years, Marcus has formulated multi ingredient products with synergistic benefits to health. Rather than taking handfuls of capsules each day, the formulations contain multiple powerful and often novel therapeutics that are easy to take over time. Marcus sees these protocols as ongoing nutritive treatments that continue through life to delay and diminish age related decline.

In Marcus’s words… “I have a strong desire to heal people that I find hard to contain… If I see a person struggling with pain or illness, I have to step up and try to enlighten and help them”

Marcus has been told from at least 2 clients that he has a natural “gift” for applying the best options of therapeutics to powerfully help with their health conditions.

Marcus is about to receive investment to move forward with increased production, licensing and ongoing product development , especially in the realm of cognitive health and Nootropic formulations that enhance brain functionality.

Cellysium Pain

Cellysium capsules are therapeutic at reducing inflammation at the source of the pain, therefore reducing the pain symptoms over time with no side effects. PEA (Palmitoyethanolamide) and Centella Asiatica are 2 of the ingredients (found in foods) that attach to Cannaboid receptors that are on all cells. This reduces inflammation and blocks pain pathways.

The other ingredients improve Mitochondrial health in cells- increasing energy , reducing oxidative stress and modulating immunity. These benefits can prevent the inflammation cascade, preventing ongoing issues. Cellysium also increases Collagen production in cartilage, another powerful benefit in lowering arthritis symptoms. Skin benefits from this Collagen production also.

In research studies, Centella and Astaxanthin, along with many other benefits, increase muscle strength and cognitive function, including mood enhancement. The compounds in Cellysium are synergistic with each other- augmenting the benefits. Full effects are realised after around 2 months of taking, but pain is reduced incrementally each day.

The cost is $190 for a 2 months supply of 240 capsules plus $10 express post.

Cellysium Pain - Natural Pain Relief Products

Cellessence Viral and Immunity

Cellessence is the most complete protocol for recovery from serious viral illness… containing antiviral flavonoids, Glutathione detoxification of viral load and waste, including energising effects of NR (nicotinamide riboside) to increase NAD+ levels which increase energy through Mitochondrial repair.

Cellessence cost is $240 for a 5 to 8 week supply.

( depending on taking with Cellysium- where its an 8 week supply)

Cellessence Viral and Immunity - Natural Health Products